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You can ride a bike 30 km on 50 grams of carbohydrate. How far do you think you can push a car?
af Anders Mielke

Forhjulslir tager dig med bag showet som cykelrytter. Du kommer både til at høre om opturene, men også nedturene. Du får et dybere og mere ærligt billede af, hvordan det er at være cykelrytter. Forhjulslir er til dig, der elsker cykling, elsker sporten, elsker rytterne og elsker røverhistorierne fra feltet.
af Martin Weibel

En podcast om cykling. Om hvordan, du bliver hurtigere på landevejen. Om oplevelserne. Om bakkerne - og alt det andet som gør det fedt at cykle. Også selvom du aldrig bliver til Egan Bernal eller Jakob Fuglsang
af Kim Plesner

Veloropa er et oplevelsesfællesskab indenfor cykelsport, stiftet af Kim Plesner i 2012. Sammen med Claus Elming og Stefan Djurhuus udgiver han den populære Veloropa Podcast, der er blandt de mest lyttede sportspodcasts i Danmark med over 10.000 lyttere per episode.
Tom Flood, Rovélo Creative
"We don't need bigger vehicles or more technology to protect our kids going to school... we just need safe routes for them to get there."
Alfonsina Strada:
“As long as there’s someone who sees what I see and feels what I feel, then the fire inside me lives on in the numerous cyclists: boys, girls, men and women.”
Alfonsina Strada is the only woman to have ridden the Giro d’Italia, 1924
Iris Murdoch, novelist and philosopher:
“The bicycle is the most civilized conveyance known to man. Other forms of transport grow daily more nightmarish. Only the bicycle remains pure in heart.”
Enrique Peñalosa, Mayor of Bogata, Colombia
"We cannot continue to deceive ourself thinking that to paint a little line on a road is a bike way. A bicycle way that is not safe for an 8-year old is not a bicycle way"
Rob Spedding, Cycling Plus
“Cycling is one of the only things you can do in public as an adult that you used to do as a kid and not get funny looks. Riding a bike was fun when you were six and it's still fun when you're, say, 46"
James Hart
“Bikes have the power to take the most mundane and monotonous of tasks—the physical act of getting into work—and turn it into whatever kind of adventure you want to have. Which is pretty damn rad if you ask me."
Chinese proverb
“I'm not scared of going slowly... only of not being able to move!"
Tamara von Werthern, "The White Bike"
“It’s a strange thing, as soon as you put on cycling gear you are no longer regarded as a human being. It’s ridiculous because we are all just people trying to make our way across a busy city.”
Cycling and Parkinson’s disease
"Cycling can give back your hope and your control, it can bring the sunshine to you while your life is covered by the black and dark."
"It's just a matter of transportation: How do you want to move from one place to another? What do you think is best for you, for your well-being, health and happiness?"
"I find great joy in being able to use my body and my legs to transport me around. It hurts in my legs and in my knees, it creaks and creaks in my joints, but still it makes me happy. When I can't use my legs anymore, I hope they still works in heaven."
James May
"The bicycle is one of the most important inventions in history. It’s reckoned to be 20 times as efficient as walking, but is really still a form of pedestrianism. It’s leg-powered, and essentially free. It’s also unregulated, slightly anarchic, and possibly plays an important role in the model for utopia."
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